I’m not complicated and neither is my photography.

I do what I do because I truly believe that life’s fleeting moments deserve to be captured. These moments and photos don’t need to be complicated, and so my approach to your photography isn’t either. This straightforward approach to shooting allows for a relaxed setting for your special moments.


Rather than contorting you into poses that make you feel more like a gymnast than a happy family, I encourage you to mold and mesh as your family always has. Be silly. Laugh. Feel the feelings that matter when you’re with the people who matter.


My images are candid, natural and sometimes, raw. They’re not always dressed up, but they’re real. My photos are meant to be true representations of who or what I’m shooting that day. Whether it’s crazy kiddos or two crazy lovebirds, I want it to feel genuine and real when looking at the images. The last thing you want to do is look up on your wall and not recognize the people in the frames.


The process is simple: work together, be open to ideas, and have fun. We’re creating memories that matter and I want them to matter for you too. It’s important to let whatever fears you have about having your photos taken slip away, it’s not always easy I know, but trust me when I say what a  difference it can make in your final product.
So you know what I look for and why I do it, my only hope is that this all resonates with you and we can discuss what you’re looking for soon. I’m always available to grab a latte to go over your thoughts. Talk soon!